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any conventional 10 and 12 any more? Outlet players, staying beyond the halfway line? Cinn I suppose Donnchadh Walsh has brought it to another level with Kerry. You don notice him that much when he there, but you notice when Kerry are without him. Paul Flynn? Cinn He Cluxton main option
cheap jerseys for kickouts. Leen: point. Are Paul Flynn and Diarmuid Connolly the last of the conventional wing forwards? You won see Diarmuid Connolly tracking back. Shannon: the tackling (by Dublin) is ferocious. And they press up. Mayo were similar, though they seem to be tracking back a bit more now. What you have to be is a ferocious tackler, wherever on the field. It not enough to be a ball player. players back into defence isn the same as a defensive strategy.
cheap jerseys top Cork are guilty of that a
wholesale jerseys china bit. Even Monaghan have evolved it now. When they back there, they press back out and get a tackle in. Cinn Mone was their actual number 10 for the league but he very rarely played there. we zone in on the people we are likely to be talking about in August

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