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the index’ ability to make gains from here relies on a handful of megacap tech stocks being able to keep their momentum. Bespoke Investment Group reports that with more than 80% of companies reporting earnings things have improved on the bottom line with 63% of companies beating earnings estimates but top line performance is still "depressed" with only 46.9% of companies beating revenue estimates. On earnings Barron’s noted that thus far earnings have contracted by 1% but that excluding energy they are up 6.1%. Most the foreign equity markets we regularly follow in this report had similar or even larger gains. The
cheap nfl jerseys CAC 40 popped
cheap jerseys 9.93%, the DAX tacked on 12.32%, Shanghai was good
wholesale jerseys china for 10.8%, the Nikkei 225 rallied 9.75% and the Hang Seng had an 8.58% lift. The FTSE 100 and ASX 200 lagged behind gaining 4.94% and 4.34% respectively. We certainly do not know whether this was a 2011 like correction that is now over or a bear market that is taking a breather but if it was a correction then it was a great example

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