Hair Extensions Part 1

Hair Extensions Part 1

Its seven months before your wedding and all of the bridal magazines portray the brides with long luxurious locks. You reach up and run your hands through your shoulder length, mousey, drab hair.

"I wonder if the models have hair extensions or are they just the lucky few to possess long beautiful hair."

You begin to research hair extensions. You research the cost, places to have them done; you base
tedhairs your opinion by suggestion or word of mouth. In this case, you’ve found a stylist that says she can give you a great deal on full length natural hair extensions.

So you’ve done your research and you know exactly what you want, you schedule a consultation (I strongly suggest this!) with the stylist and go over the types of hair extensions available. Hair extensions can be attached in a variety of ways.

She tells you during this consultation that hot glue hair extensions are the best type of extension to get. Come on ladies? Hot glue? Hot styling equipment? You overhear the stylist working at the next station explaining how the sewn in extensions never truly dry and they will eventually mold. Mold?

Fusion can be a good choice if it does CORRECTLY! It can last 3 to 6 months with proper application and care. You should not be able to differentiate the fusion from
tedshairs your natural hair. If applied properly the fusion area will be invisible.

Hot fusion uses hot bonding glue. The glue feels stiff and hard in the hair. This is the traditional fusion method.

Cold fusion is reasonably new to the salon scene and is much easier on your hair. In cold fusion a keratin based polymer is used to attach the extension to your natural hair. This type of fusion is good for fine, thin hair. The result is a more natural feeling extension. This type of extension can last for up to 6 months.

A metal tube is clamped over the real hair to attach the hair extension. In many cases it causes breakage of the natural hair.

A small corn row is placed along the nape of the neck and the extensions are sewn in.

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Clip in extensions can be customized for exactly the look you desire.

The stylist is very confident in her work and repeatedly tells you how great the hot glue extensions are. You give in and schedule the appointment to have the extensions put in. You pay the stylist $80 to have the hair special delivered and as it turns out you spent $30 extra dollars to have it arrive in the mail the same day as your
tedshair appointment.

It is finally time for your appointment
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She puts the extensions in and they look fantastic. You pay your bill and leave your stylist a healthy tip and then head out the door. You leave with proper hair instructions and the notice that there will be minimal shedding.
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Once you are in your car, you are running your hands through your hair and the fusions do not feel like cylinders as described in every article that you had read. In fact, it feels as though you have masses of wadded gum in your hair. They hurt, and the minimal shedding is already massive.

Again you reassure yourself, it’s just minimal shedding. (To be continued.)

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